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Innovative learning in a small school setting since 1998. Serving 5th - 8th grade students in Centre County and beyond!


We are a small, project-based middle school serving students in grades 5 through 8 from State College, Bellefonte, Bald Eagle, Penns Valley, Huntingdon, Moshannon Valley and Philipsburg-Osceola since 1998. Our focus is to teach students real-world skills that enable them to create, innovate, and collaborate. Click on the buttons below to learn more.

Group of young students working together at clc charter school.
Two young students working on a hands on project at clc charter school.
Young student learning at clc charter school.

Tuition-Free | Serving Grades 5 - 8


Project-based learning provides authentic opportunities for students to develop 21st century skills. Below are samples of the projects that we do at CLC.

Tri-River Foods

Tri-River Foods

Working as entrepreneurs, students develop marketing plans for new food products that meet customer needs and wants.

Wellmont Challenge

Wellmont Challenge

As hydrogeologists, students investigate a potentially serious situation that has developed in the majestic Wellmont region.



Students take on roles as forensic scientists when they gather and analyze evidence used to convict nefarious criminals.

Simply Machines

Simply Machines

Students design, build, and program a robotic prototype that uses simple machines to do your least favorite household chore!

Biodiversity Golf

Biodiversity Golf

Students engineer miniature golf holes that teach the importance of biodiversity within ecosystems around the world.

A-Team Raceway

A-Team Raceway

Using their knowledge of forces impacting speed, students design different types of cars for a variety of terrains.

Project Highlights


Young student working on a hands on project at a charter school.

What Students Say about CLC

"You can be yourself."


"A project that encompasses biology, math, and history is better than a science class lesson about biology."


"I really love going to CLC. I feel like people fit like a puzzle, and you are allowed to let out your weirdness."

"I love that it's so small. It makes it so easy to become friends with new people. I also love that we go by a first name basis. It makes me feel a lot more comfortable with the teachers. 

Two parents of charter school students.

What Parents Say about CLC

"Students are empowered to see learning as a process that requires experimentation, exploration, success, and failure. It isn't a linear process. I love that they are not afraid to try new things and not afraid to fail. This requires a very unique environment that is supportive and intimate.​"

"Our child enjoys the technology and the ability to develop skills using the technology that she finds interesting. We think it will have a major impact on her future learning too."

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